Nexus Root toolkit is one of the best application released to get features for your Nexus device. This application has much more features rather than rooting your device. This will help to all Nexus users who are interesting customize your device. You can simplifies Rooting, re-Rooting, locking and un-locking much more user friendly with this freeware. Use following download link to get latest version for your device.

Nexus Root Toolkit Featues – WugFresh

  • Rooting/reRooting Device
  • Locking/unlocking Device
  • Backup and RestoreNexus Device
  • Flash Zips and Reporting

Instructions for WugFresh Nexus Root toolkit users

  • Download Latest version using above direct Download link
  • Backup your device with this toolkit for your PC
  • This tool support Windows platform and MAC users use third party app to execute application

Root Nexus – WugFresh Tool Requirements

  • Windows computer
  • Nexus device
  • WugFresh Application
  • USB cable with proper connection

Root Nexus – Support Devices

This toolkit support range of devices as follows. Please check your device ready to use this application.

How to Root device with Nexus Toolkit – WugFresh

Rooting will give you full administrative access to the Android Operating system.

  • Connect your devices to the computer via USB cable

  • Uncheck the custom recovery additional flash option and save the custom recovery as your final step to avoid any complication.
  • Once in your boot loader or ready to run the automated bootloader script select the root button

  • Select the OK in the popup dialog box to run the automated root process.

  • This will temporarily boot a modified image to run commends in order to push the proper root files on to your devices to gain full administrative access.
  • Your device should reboot a total of three times for the root process to complete
  • Once rooting has finalized follow the final step on the dialog box to confirm the root process was successful.