How to backup data using nexus root tool kit

It is important backup your data before unlocking or Rooting using this tool kit because those processes can wipe your devices. Therefore you have to backup your data before unlock or root to prevent losing your data. That facility is also given with this tool. Let’s see how to backup your device using nexus root tool kit.

  • Connect your devices to the computer via USB cable.

  • Open Nexus root tool kit
  • Click Backup button

  • You will see the window below. It gives you number of choice which data you want to backup. Using this option you can backup all apps, single apps, virtual SD card, SMS, call Log, contacts network configuration or all data hooked to your device.

  • Keep your device in airplane mode.


  • Choose one of type of data you want to backup
  • You will have backup file introduction dialog box. Just read it and press OK.

  • Then give a name and location for the backup file in your computer and save.
  • Now your device will be rebooted.
  • Unlock your device
  • After rebooted your device, another dialog box will appear giving you guide about next step. Read it and click OK
  • If you wan you can set a password for your data or not click backup my data button in your device.

Now your data is backing up and final dialog box will appear by including file name and size. Just hit OK.


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