Unlock your nexus device

There are two type of unlocking smart devices.

  1. SIM unlocking
  2. Bootloader unlocking

SIM unlocking allows you to switch your mobile network services. This is more important when you are travelling abroad, This will help to you radius your phone bill.

Bootloader unlocking is differ from SIM unlocking. Bootloader is a program that loads an operating system. Usually this program allow you to install official software only to your devices. By unlocking bootloader you can make modification software which isn’t offered by the manufacturer.

Here we discussed about bootloader unlocking a nexus device.

  • If you wish to root your device you have to unlock your devices before it.
  • Before unlocking You must backup your important data because unlocking will wipe your devices completely.


  • Connect your devices to the computer via USB cable
  • Select the unlock button on Nexus Root Tool kit window.

  • You will be prompted with a dialog box which is going to inform you to enable OEM unlock found in the developer option menu. Once you have selected this go ahead and click ok.

  • You will be followed by another dialog box which is going to give you two different ways to archive your boot loader.

  • You can do so manually by powering your device off, and then using power button and volume rocker down at the same time.
  • Or you can use the automated script found with the nexus Route Tool Kit so long as you are currently using USB debugging.

  • Once you have selected the boot loader method of choice it will automatically unlock your phone.
  • After this process is complete it will reboot your device and you have to go back through initial setup process.

  • Once that is complete make sure you infect enable developer option once again and enable USB debugging to proceed with any automated scripted available through nexus root tool kit.


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